Successful ClimbingThe Venturing program offers more high adventure opportunities for youth ages 14-21. Some crews are co-ed, while others are single-gender. The program is operated through Venturing Crews, units of youth and advisors that meet on set schedules and plan activities and events.

Venturing Program Resources


UnitCityNightMeeting Location
Crew 75 (co-ed)Fuquay-VarinaSunday (1st and 3rd) - 2 PMAmerican Legion Post 116
6400 Johnson Pond Road
Crew 200CaryTuesdayFirst United Methodist Cary
Crew 202 (co-ed)ApexTuesday - 7 PMSt. Francis United Methodist Church
Kildaire Farm Road
Crew 205ApexOlive Chapel Baptist
Crew 208CaryMonday (1st and 3rd)Christ the King Lutheran
Crew 226ApexApex United Methodist Church
Crew 244CaryPeace Presbyterian
Crew 316ApexApex St. Andrews Catholic
Crew 391GarnerMonday - 7 PMGarner United Methodist Church