Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts HikingThe Cub Scout program is for boys and girls in kindergarten through fifth grade. The program organizes the Scouts by grade-specific groups called Dens, and the Dens make up a Pack. Most Dens meet each week, with all Dens in a Pack meeting together once a month.

Cub Scouting Program Resources


UnitCityNightMeeting Location
Pack 10RaleighTuesday - 7 PMHolland United Methodist Church
9433 Ten Ten Road
Pack 23ApexPeak City Gospel Baptist Church
Pack 61LillingtonMonday - 7 PMLillington Presbyterian Church
1100 8th Street
Pack 66Holly SpringsMonday - 7 PMHolly Springs United Methodist Church
108 Avent Ferry Road
Pack 75Fuquay-VarinaTuesday - 7 PMAmerican Legion Post 116
6400 Johnson Pond Road
Pack 120CaryMonday - 7 PMWhite Plains Methodist
313 SE Maynard Rd.
Pack 125AngierMonday - 7 PMAngier United Methodist Church
278 S. Wilma St.
Pack 152CaryWednesday - 7 PMCovenant Christian Church
2911 SW Cary Pkwy, Cary
Pack 200CaryTuesdayFirst United Methodist Cary
Pack 201CaryWestwood Baptist
Pack 202CaryThursday - 6:45 PMSt. Francis United Methodist Church
2954 Kildaire Farm Road
Pack 205ApexOlive Chapel Baptist
Pack 208CaryThursdayChrist the King Lutheran
Pack 213CaryKirk of Kildare Presbyterian
Pack 216CaryTuesdaySt. Michaels Catholic
Pack 222RaleighTuesday - 7 PMMacedonia Baptist Church
7100 Holly Springs Road
Pack 224ApexTuesdayApex St. Mary Maglalene
Pack 226ApexMondayApex UMC
Pack 232CaryCary Presbyterian
Pack 244CaryWednesdayPeace Presbyterian
Pack 253RaleighMonday - 7 PMWatts Chapel Baptist Church
3703 Tryon Road
Pack 312ApexTuesdayApex Jaycee Park Scout Hut
Pack 316ApexMondayApex St. Andrews Catholic
Pack 320Fuquay-VarinaTuesday - 7 PMFuquay-Varina United Methodist Church
100 S. Judd Parkway SE
Pack 356Holly SpringsMonday - 7 PMSunrise United Methodist Church
5420 Sunset Lake Road
Pack 373CaryMuslim American Society
Pack 391GarnerMonday - 7 PMGarner United Methodist Church
201 Methodist Drive
Pack 392GarnerTuesday - 7 PMFirst Presbyterian Church of Garner
503 Lakeside Drive
Pack 393MorrisvilleFirst Baptist Church of Morrisville
Pack 444Fuquay-VarinaFriday - 7 PMSt. Bernadettes Catholic Church
1005 Wilbon Road
Pack 614Fuquay-VarinaThursday - 7 PMFuquay-Varina Baptist Church
301 N. Woodrow Street
Pack 779CoatsTuesday - 7 PMCoats United Methodist Church
288 E. South Street

Sample Cub Scout Scouts’ Own Religious Service

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