Sea Scouting and Exploring


Sea Scouting

Sea Scout units, called ships, are established all across the country on oceans, bays, rivers, and lakes. They provide limitless opportunities and exciting challenges that you won’t find anywhere else. Sea Scouts is a place to grow and learn, find adventure, and build long lasting friendships.



Exploring is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between youth and the organizations in their communities. Businesses and community organizations initiate a career-specific Exploring post or club by matching their people and organizational resources to the career interests of youth in the community. The result is a program of interactive activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop.

Sea Scout Ships and Explorer Posts

Unit NumberCityMeeting Location
Ship 244CaryPeace Presbyterian
Post 263ApexApex Fire Department
Post 333CaryCary High School
Post 380ApexApex Police Department