Committee Meetings and Minutes

Cardinal District Committee meetings are held the third Thursday of every month (except July) from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.  District Committee meetings will continue to be held virtually by Zoom call for the foreseeable future.

What are District Committee Meetings?

The District Committee meets to discuss, plan and report on Cardinal District’s work to fulfill the four functions of membership, finance, program and unit service.  The meeting is chaired by the District Committee Chair.  After any remarks by the District Chair, the District Commissioner gives a report on unit health in the district and the work of the Commissioner’s staff.  The operating committees of the district – Fund Development, Membership, Communications & Marketing, Camping & Outdoor Program, Activities & Civic Service, Training, and Advancement & Recognition – as well as the District Commissioner’s Staff, then break out to meet individually.  The entire District Committee then regroups to hear reports from the operating committee chairs on events and activities from the past month as well as plans for the coming months.  The District Committee then hears old business, addresses any new business, and has an open forum where members can discuss matters of concern for Cardinal District.  The meeting concludes with remarks from our District Scouting Executive.

Who should attend District Committee Meetings?

District Committee meetings are open to ALL Scouters or any other adult interested in becoming involved in Scouting.  District Committee members and District Commissioner staff should attend.  Chartered Organization Representatives (CORs) for the packs, troops, crews, and ships in Cardinal District are voting members of the District Committee and are encouraged to attend all committee meetings, especially the Annual District Meeting each January.

Committee Meeting Minutes